Public Art Projects

While thinking where I can do my public art project sitting down in the cafeteria in the music building, I saw that students and professors came in and out of the cafeteria. Some of them seat down to eat, read a book, do homework and other waiting for another students or a person. While this happen dow to one of the entire of the cafeteria everyone stop to see the table, which there was an events. Some stop because whoever was in the table ask them, another stop because they saw them. So I was thinking putting up a paper and asking a question in the wall. but in this case I wouldn’t ask or tell any one about what was in that paper. I was thinking everyone go up to the paper and write, answer the question. So that why I choose the cafeteria. The question was “In one word, describe Lehman College as a whole” this place is very important for the experiment because we all meet here, when you walk in you just don’t see one group of students. We see from each department, also, students from the Lehman Hight school seating around.  So with the project Im trying that everyone write something about Lehman college, but it would be self-independet, can this be accomplish Yes!! because when we see something new around a place we often walk by we look at it. Also, I think it be a good idea to see what everyone think about Lehman college, and MAYBE they would leave a comment about the dislike or like about the campus. So, how we can bring this to Social Media well by putting a tag and then that would not only be in one place but now we will have people outside describe Lehman. So I will record the moment talk some pictures.

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