Final Project

The final project I had in mind for the ART 325 course would revolve around video mashups. The reason behind my idea is due to my previous experience with it. Although I  have never heard of terminology like this, let alone used it, I immediately became an expert with this. Through my perception, video mashups are enjoyable. I liked how simplistic the technique was, to copy-paste existing YouTube links, and have music overlay randomized videos. However, I am not certain of what the video mashup topic should relate to. What I mean is, should I select a video/song combination that relates to social/economic/political affairs.


Video mashup documentation should not be too arduous. But at the same time, I need to be thoughtful about which subject. Perhaps, because politics is the highlight of worldwide issues, I could choose that. For a video, I would use a clip of President Donald Trump communicating with the public about his plan of building an immigrant-free barrier. For a song, I am not precise on what it should be, but I will search for one that describes how corrupt Trump is.  To create such a mashup, I first need to use an existing website to do this. The only website I know of is With technology becoming more advanced, creating projects such as video mashups is not a difficult task. Computers are the powerhouses of the universe. Although they do have their letdowns, they help connect the universe through means of interactions from one’s home and beyond.

Musical Telephone

This is an old-fashioned telephone, transformed into a switch. It is connected via wires, and the computer. With the press of any number key, musical sounds emit from said buttons.

Public Space Project

The project idea I had for a public space would be a survey-type project, posted within the Lehman Campus. It would question how students are feeling about the overall college experience. This survey-type project would be more along the lines of a rating system (i.e., on a scale of 1-5, how is your campus life so far?). Here is a brief sketch of my project idea so far: