Brian’s Scrapyard challenge

In our scrapyard challenge for class I took a malfunctioning playstation 3 controller and scrapped the inside then (from the back) I attached the buttons to a piece of paper towel and aluminum foil as a filter then glued black and red stereo wires and connected the wires to an arduino micro controller board which made the sounds as I pressed the buttons on the controller.

Shining a light on the progression of the shine on a light project

I felt like the idea of hoping people would find the leds on their own then trust them to take a picture with the the leds was a bit to optimistic on my end. So I decided to stick with the idea of giving LEDs but create a cute and cheap toy (glowies) using LEDs and styrofoam balls put them in a bin and go to where people walk past then have a stand where I have index cards and people have to write a compliment about themselves to receive a glowy. I shoot the whole thing on a time lapse of people writing stuff and receiving a glowy. Then take pictures of the compliments people wrote about themselves afterwards.

Public Space “shine a light” project

I will leave LED lights randomly all over NYC with a note that says to give the LED light to someone they love and take a picture of the person they gave it to holding the LED. They will email the picture to me (I’ll leave an email for them to send it to on the note) and I’ll post the picture on an instagram I will create.