Brian’s Scrapyard challenge

In our scrapyard challenge for class I took a malfunctioning playstation 3 controller and scrapped the inside then (from the back) I attached the buttons to a piece of paper towel and aluminum foil as a filter then glued black and red stereo wires and connected the wires to an arduino micro controller board which made the sounds as I pressed the buttons on the controller.

Public Space Project

Public Space Project

  • Box
  • Index Cards
  • Various pens and pencils
  • Mall at Bay Plaza, Bronx, New York
Recorded with:
  • (Photography) Canon T3i DSLR camera

Theme: What do people think of NYC? How do they feel living in NYC?

This box was taken to the Mall at Bay Plaza, along with a card that asked “Bronxites” how they felt about NYC. The mall is one of the biggest and bound to attract many customers, which makes it a perfect setting for this project. It attracts a very diverse population in both class and race. (The box looks tiny from this perspective.)

While some called it overrated and noisy, most comments were positive remarks about the state.

It was however hard to take pictures of the people interacting with the project due to various reasons:

  1. They wanted to keep their privacy
  2. They didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures or videos
  3. MOST were in a rush

New York is known for it’s fast paced environment, and I believe that this and the fact that the project took place on a weekday, made it more difficult to fully record the people interacting with the project. I do believe that if i had done it in a park or a central place in Manhattan, I would have had a better chance to record people’s interactions. On the other hand, I am content with the kindness and respect that the people of the Bronx treated my project. Their answers were also surprising since most were positive and relatable.


The Project was in collaboration with Kevin. After our original project (which has been posted by him on the blog) got taken, I decided to try it again while taking care of the box and encouraging others to interact with it more. It was a fun project.

Art Media Public Space Final Project

For my final project I want do a public space art media. The idea came after looking at another project in the internet. Doing some research I found Candy Chang project call “Before I die.” So I want do something similar but the topic would be about the Bronx or daily life. I want post sticke note in the Bronx and have a question or quite “The Bronx is…” or “what I want to accomplish?” The ideas is to bring the community together and see what about people thinks or want do in life. By doing this project the community can get more closer together and help each other in life or get together to make the Bronx a better place

Public Space project, what do you think of NYC?

This was a Box with a pile of paper people can insert their opinions on. (Brooklyn results below, mostly catscratch ?) Originally it had that paper asking the question, it disappeared multiple times. (Ended up writing it on the box)Someone left money? lol. And some people don’t like it (Bronx results below).

Final project idea

For my final project idea, I want to make something like the paper airplane thing I saw in class. Instead of a paper airplane, t will be with a message bottle things people throw into the sea. Not only can you throw out the bottle but also receive it and you can end up chatting with the person on a message form. Though if you don’t want to talk to this person anymore you can exit and the message will be delete off. It’s like a app kind of thing, maybe they can walk around and suddenly they can pick up a bottle and start chatting with a stranger.

Final Project

The final project I had in mind for the ART 325 course would revolve around video mashups. The reason behind my idea is due to my previous experience with it. Although I  have never heard of terminology like this, let alone used it, I immediately became an expert with this. Through my perception, video mashups are enjoyable. I liked how simplistic the technique was, to copy-paste existing YouTube links, and have music overlay randomized videos. However, I am not certain of what the video mashup topic should relate to. What I mean is, should I select a video/song combination that relates to social/economic/political affairs.


Video mashup documentation should not be too arduous. But at the same time, I need to be thoughtful about which subject. Perhaps, because politics is the highlight of worldwide issues, I could choose that. For a video, I would use a clip of President Donald Trump communicating with the public about his plan of building an immigrant-free barrier. For a song, I am not precise on what it should be, but I will search for one that describes how corrupt Trump is.  To create such a mashup, I first need to use an existing website to do this. The only website I know of is With technology becoming more advanced, creating projects such as video mashups is not a difficult task. Computers are the powerhouses of the universe. Although they do have their letdowns, they help connect the universe through means of interactions from one’s home and beyond.