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Clinical Report—The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families

I agree with the article “The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families” by Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe and Kathleen Clarke-Pearson. Every point that it mention it great to discuss about it because it affect everyone in the house or in the family member. Social media has it positive, and negative affect on children and youth. but as a adult we have to check for what they using the social media because if children and youth use for the wrong ideas, they can get hurt physical and mental. Some of the cause that mention in the article is cyberbullying, privacy issues, sexting, and more problem. So it always good to see how the lives of our children, have that one on one and spend time with them because thats one issues that social media have taking way from us human. we spend more time in the internet and less in person. Even when we at home we reach out by a text or using whatup App. Beside of having a negative affect their great opportunity go using some social media for kids and youth. Now we can reach out our classmate or teacher to get help with homework or projects. Also, build new friendship with other young people that love the same topic just as graphic design or a game just as call of duty.






The idea I came up with was saying “hey” your information as name, number, and Social media would transfer to the other person cell phone. This app would be benefit for business, social networking, and have a connection with someone you just met in the train. This will help to content that person if you find it interest for any work or projects . The switch is the word “Hey.” also you can leave comments and rating in each person.